Server Rules

1) All registered users of this Server "MuOnline.Uk" must agree with every point of this rules. Disagree with at least one point of this rules disallow you to use this Website and Forum same as playing on MuOnline servers.

2) All Accounts, characters, game items, and gameplay are the exclusive property of the server, protected by copyright are an intellectual property.

3) Administration / GMs will NEVER ask your password! Do not give your AccountID/Password to other players.

4) Administration do not refund anything of your losed characters / items. We not changing any passwords from your accounts, do not do rollbacks if your accounts has been hacked or allegedly robbed. Protect your Accounts and your Characters themselves. Password can be recovered by clicking "Forgot password?".

5) For illegally gaining access to the accounts of other players, all accounts of the infringer and partners will be banned. Character items will not be returned, because he indirectly or wholly blame of what happened.

6) Administration reserves all rights to temporarily or permanently block any user Character/Account without any reason explanation, refund and compensation if it will be necessary. Also we reserve the right to delete all player accounts/characters or in game items of its characters, if it will be necessary.

7) Server Administration reserves all rights at any time to change the rules of the server/forum without notice.

8) This is a Free Private GameServer. All of MuOnline.Uk servers are his own / unique configurations. If you dislike the game, staffs or the game settings then please feel free to leave.

Any decision of the administration is fair, true and competent.

1. Relationship with the Administration:

1.1 Admins do not favour any persons / groups on the server , they are completely neutral.

1.2. Disrespect of Server Staff in every contact place, forum, skype, game.

Punishment: Block of Character + Account - 7 days

2. Using programs:

2.1. Dissalowed to use Speedhack, Hithack or other 3rd cheating programs.

Punishment: Block of Character + Account - 14 days

NOTE: If you see any Cheater, please report it in forum with ScreenShot (PRT SC button on keyboard) or Video, To make a video you can use Bandicam/Fraps programs (Recommend) or other recording programs.

3. Using of server/web/forum bugs/glitches:

3.1. Using bugs and other programs to hack server/site/forum, changing of game client files or Launcher, or help to use other players this programs. Every trying, also unsucesfull trying will result to punishment.

Punishment: Block of Character + Account + IP - Pernament

3.2. If you found a bug, you must immediately report it to Administration in Forum or Private Message.

4. Game Process:

4.1 On PVP server, you can kill everyone, and everywhere, we dont have spots which belong to the any player (and other PVP standard rules).

4.2. The humiliation of the players in any form.

Punishment: Chat Block of Character - 12 hours

4.3. Using not allowed words (profanity).

Punishment: Chat Block of Character - 12 hours

4.4. Advertisment of other MU Online servers.

Punishment: Block of Character + Account + IP - Pernament

4.5. It is forbidden to interfere with the game master during the events.

Punishment: Block of Character + Account - 1 hour

4.6. Prohibited abusive relationship to the family and friends of the player.

Punishment: Chat Block of Character - 12 hours

4.7 Account limitations: 2 Accounts per 1 IP is allowed.

Punishment: Block of all Accounts + Characters + IP - Pernament.

5. Donate, SMS & PayPal Terms

5.1. The Administration does not force you to send an SMS or use PayPal Transfer, you do it on your own faith!

5.2. If you send SMS or use PayPal/Paymentwall Transfer you can not ask financial support from us if the service does not work. All problems can be reported by contacting service provider.

5.3. There are no refunds once the items have been used. No matter the reason. In case that you will ask PayPal to Refund the money, you will be Banned from all Services (Server, Forum, All Applications ETC.)

6. Voting Gateway rules:

6.1 You can vote every 24 hours (on some topsites are 12 hours, read description from "Vote Reward").

6.2 You must solve the captcha or puzle and type correct values (text/images).

6.3 For every vote you will got credits (You can see credit table for every voting by clicking "Vote Reward").

6.4 Credit harvesting is not allowed!

Punishment: Block of all Accounts + Characters + IP - Pernament.
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